Namespace: Parse

Cocoon.Notification. Parse

This namespace represents the Cocoon Notification extension for push notifications using Parse


//Set up notification listener
Cocoon.Notification.Parse.on(notification, function(userData){
     console.log("A push notification has been received: " + JSON.stringify(userData));

// Initialize the service. Ready to start receiving notification callbacks
// The initialization parameters should be passed as commandline argument APP_ID and CLIENT_KEY or using the Cocoon cloud plugin parameters.
// The service will be automatically registered after the initialization. This may show a Dialog to request user permissions.
// You can disable autoregister with {register: false} params and call Cocoon.Notification.Local.register() manually to control when the permissions dialog is shown.
// By default the register parameter is set to true.

Cocoon.Notification.Parse.initialize({register: false}, function(registered) {
 if (!registered) {
     alert('Push notifications disabled by user')
 else {

function subscribeRemoteChannel() {

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