InApps Android
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 CInAppProductDescribes an InApp product
 CInAppPurchaseDescribes an InApp purchase object
 CInAppServiceRepresents the InApp Service
 CConsumeCallbackInforms when a product is consumed properly or when the process fails
 CErrorA class representing an error message
 CFetchCallbackThe fetch callback returns a list of the fetched products or an error if the process fails
 CInAppPurchaseObserverInforms about the purchasing process
 CInitCompletionInforms when the service is fully initialized and ready to use
 CPurchaseCallbackInforms when a purchase is completed or when the process fails
 CRestoreCallbackInforms when the restoration process fails
 CValidationCompletionInforms if the Validation is completed or there was an error in the proccess
 CValidationHandlerProvides information about the validation proccess
 CLudeiServerValidationRepresents Ludei's server validation object (the managed mode)